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Wednesday, 7 October 2009


seen this in a review and decided to buy it ,Barry M's bronzer is packaged in an expensive feel compact similar to nars rubber packaging, it holds 12g of bronzer ive had it for 3 weeks and ive hardly made a dent in it, in actual fact my 2 daughters shelley and lauren made a bee-line for it i was immediately protective like a kid with a toy lol, so because it bronzed beautifully on my face ,chest with a natural ,more of a matte than a shimmer look which you can build up which is great,i decided to buy my 2 girls their own i know it will last them ages, and unlike nars the price tag made me happy £9.30 from superdrug or boots,i also purchased the bronzing brush too that was £6.00 good price for a good quality brush and its PINK wot more could a girl ask for ??


Creation Studios
this is my hubbys studio/cafe/computer training/music teaching and many more, its based in glasgow
16 merchant city
0141 237 7653
just opened 2 weeks ago anyone interested in books rehersal rooms making a cd etc give them a call or visit online at
Theres nothing like plugging your hubbys business this is where he lives i cant evem remember what he looks like haha

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

BarryM nail paint

just wanted to add how much i love barry m nail paints i have 10 so far and im expanding to more pale colours as i have a really varied collection of colours so far. Wearing my flamingo pink at the moment because it really makes me look tanned. When i learn how to take decent pics of my products i'll show you hopefully by then i'll have an even larger collection


blogtv is it for me?

Tonight is the first time i watched blogtv im really not sure about it atall im taking into consideration im a bit grumpy tonight after suffering a migraine for 2 days (and still going)so i may not be in the mood. Finally found out how to put a twitpic up so put my daughter lauren up will put my daughter shelley up tomorrow both daughters are very beautiful but complete opposites even down to the colour of their hair one has black hair the other blonde. ANYHOO i will give blogtv a try another time nite all x